100 Word Challenge

One hot summer day, I was flying on a black airplane. On my way to Spain! So excited, So excited! The trip was ever so expensive, about a thousand pounds. I fell asleep about thirty minutes after we got on the plane.

When we arrived in Spain, I entered the hotel and ran around screaming. It was so hot! The hotel food is delicious, the pool is so refreshing, and the beach is so big!

When I went to the beach, I saw a polar bear tanning himself under a red beach umbrella! I laughed so much, the entire country nearly heard me. OH,NO!


Going to Tutbury Castle

I went to Tutbury castle, on the Monday off school, all day Monday. It was so fun, and I had a great time. I was rolling down the hill for most of the time. When I was there, I had a cone of chips and some ketchup, I only had that because it was such a hot day. The hill was very steep and I kept on log rolling down it, it had bumps and hill edges that my back and tummy kept on hitting, so I have bumps and brueses all over my back and stomach, it hurts. But I keep on climbing back up and rolling back down.

After about half and hour rolling down the hill, I went to play Hook-A-Duck and I won a GIANT Rubik cube, my mum mixed it up, and me and my dad tried to put it back to normal.

After a long hard day, we went home, and I did more rolling around in my garden grass.

The Grave Yard

A couple of minutes after lunch, I was riding my silver bike to the park, out of the corner of my eye I saw a graveyard. I just had to enter. Closing the gate behind me, I heard birds crowing. I had a look around the dirty, smelly, old gravestones.The grave stones looked like they were thousands of years old;they were as dirty as a pigsty .I spotted a dead bird surrounded by flies lying on the floor, I ran to the church door. I felt like there was a ghost under my feet. All of a sudden, the gate opened without a hand to open it. I heard giant footsteps coming towards me.It got louder and louder and louder and closer. I turned but no one was there……

Meeting Jack O’Connell

Meeting Jack o’connel

Today the entier year 3,4,3/4 met Jack o’connell the film star. I was really excited and could not wait  till he got here. When he got here he answerd lots of interesting questions and answerd them with very good answers. Before he came his security guard came in to tell us when he was coming and things about him. She said he sometimes wears disguses and wigs,to stop people annoying him because they all want augtergraphs from him.We watched trailers of the films he has been on like private peaceful and united I really liked them.