The Grave Yard

As the sun covered the trees,I decided to ride my bike.On the way I saw a creaky gate leading to a graveyard. As I walked in the in the grave yard, the crows started yelling like dogs.I looked at the old dusty grave stones, wondering if any anseters were there.  I looked on the floor, there was a dead bird . Quickly I headed  to the church .As I heard a fluttering  sound, the gate open slowly heavy footsteps  came closer and closer and closer………..

Natural History Museum

On Sunday, me, my brother, my dad and my mum all went to London to see some of my family. While we were there, we went to the Natural History Museum. It was really fun and we got to see real dinosaur bones! Also in the dinosaur room, they made a electrical model of the T.Rex – it moved and it even roared, but my little brother didn’t like it, he was scared.

In the mammal section, there was a great big model of a big blue whale and it even had barnacles on the side of it. They also had a hippopotamus,a deer, a sheep, a warthog and a baby deer. There was a section that I didn’t like- it was the insect section. I am very scared of spiders and in the insect section it had a lot of information and pictures about spiders. There was a screen, if you press a button it will shows you different types of spiders catching it’s prey. But every thing else was brilliant and I thought the museum was very fun I enjoyed it very much with my family.

The Croods

Me and my brother,and daddy all went to watch the Croods .It was about a cave man family not knowing that the world is going to end until a boy helps them to find a better place.The family didn’t get a lot of food because they were being hunted by a brown Lion. I like the film because it was funny and it was one of the best films I have ever watched.I give this film 5-5.

Lilly Alone

The book Lilly alone is an interesting story which is written by Jacqueline  Wilson .It is about a girl called Lilly who is 11 and she has two sisters and one brother.Her mum has not been out for a very long time since  the death of her husband who she did not like very much.Lilly told her mum to go out to a pub to relax a bit. When she came back she did not just go to the pub she went clubbing too  and came back with some news that she met someone she likes.While Lilly’s mum is away clubbing, Lilly has to look after the kids by herself!  I have only read  to the second chapter of the book I will read some more of the book and find out  more about the  story and Lilly.

100 Word Challenge

One day,I was walking down the street on my way to home when I saw two people and a dog walking into a very old house the house was next to mine. I followed them into the strange house as I walked in everything was upside-down. As I walked on the celling I saw some stairs on the first step was a pice of paper it said something but it was up side down so I ignored it a sharp tingal ran down my back I turned back a low voice lingerd behind me the door was locked. help help help…..