My Hospital Appointment ……


On Monday 10th June 2013,my mum and me went to the hospital because I slipped of the worktop and landed on my left foot putting a lot of pressure on it and I went and tolled my mum and she said just rest on it the more you move around the more it will hurt.

The next day after I hurt my foot and after school I started to cry because it hurt very much so my mum when we got out of the taxi carried me to the house and sat me on a chair.

Soon after, while I was in aggoney my mu had a cup of tea she took me too the childrens A & E


Derby county v Bristol city

On the 16 of January 2013 me my dad, dads girlfriend and her daughter went to a football match and it was brilliant.It was so, so cold in bristol that i had to put on 2 coats and 3 jumpers and a derby county player invited me on to the pitch his name was Theo Robinson he is like the best player in the championship best i tell you best who disagrees I no I wouldn’t.

Theo Robinson let me pick two people out of the crowd And there names were Callum and Conor………. if like this please comment to it but if you do not want to that is fine but if you are in mrs.Kearney’s class please do