On the sixteenth I went a party she was going to be five.Her name is Kathe .I so happy.

I went with my friend she do dosen’t go to St Josephs her name is grace.She was happy too.Before the party I went to her house so we went there together .

at the party there was a bouncy castle . it was so much fun.The bad thing was falling of it and there was some arguing !

Right at the end we all sang happy birthday.You only get the cake when you home. I went home with cake and my party bag.


On Friday I went Wolverhampton .I went on a train with my Mum and my little brother David . We were there to vist my friends.The train took along time so l fell sleep

I woke up and we were there .We took a taxi later,we were there at my friends house .I was so happy that I did a dance the macareena . All my friends were shouting because they haven’t seen me in a long time.

I was there for three day I did not like the way my friends bed room was hot realy hot! We did lots of things like playing outside .

On the day I left my friends was crying very loudly she said she had hay fever not realy!

The Thing About My Sister Is…….

This is my story I made when I was in year 3 .

Hi my name is poppa .I live with my mum and my mean sister Zoe.Soon its sisters day its when you give your sister a gift.But I don’t want to give Zoe a gift.I want to prank Zoe. ” Poppa” Thats is Zoe calling my name .”Did you put washing soap in the toilet” “Yes I did” is said.Then she did not want to give a me a gift.Zoe pushed me down the stairs.The thing about my sister is she is always mean to me!

Later on, mum had a word with us.”Zoe You have been mine to Poppa” ” she filled the toilet with water”Zoe shouted with a sly look on her face.Mum said” Go to town and get a gift for sisters day” .So we headed off . The thing about my sister is she wont even like it!

Soon later, me and my sister got to town we went to different shops .We got lost…….There was a wave of people coming towards me .I fell in a shop . As the clouds came in, I began to cry.The thing about my sister is she never sticks with me!

Five minits later,I saw my sister !I Got her some thing from the shop .She got me some thing for me.The thing about my sister is she never cares for me!

On sister day Zoe gave me crayons there were the best in the world!!And I gave her make up.The thing about my sister is she loves me.

A Book Review on The Queens Nose By Dick King-Smith

The Queens Nose is about girl called Hermony.Her uncal Ginger has came to stay for a few days.when her uncal Ginger leafs he has left a puzzle for Hermory to solve.But Hermory had found a magic fiffty pecne or is it not maic?

I like this book because when I read the blurb because the author Dick king smith used rhetorical questions and it made want to read more and more and more.At some I tryed to solve some pobblems but could not solve them they were to hard to solve for me.

I recommend this book for eight nine and ten year olds how like animals because Hermorny love animals and in this book Hermornys mum and dad do not like animals but then Hermorny gets a gift can you gess what it is?

The Great Run Away.

Once upon a time, there lived an evil step mum and a cold hearted price and a boy called Timmy .He had blue saphiar ,sparkling eyes , brown hair and he was as thin as a log .

Timmy lived in a tatty old cotteg. It was in a deep ,dark ,scary woods were no body came any more because the evil step mum and cold hearted prince scad away the people .Timmy was a slave he worked for  the  evil step mum and cold hearted  prince .But Timmy was so  tird of doing work so, he ran away. To the Great hills…….

The next day ,Timmy thought to him self “How can I get there”.He whispered .Timmy packed his clothes.Then he quickly went to the shops to buy some food because he was going on a long journey …..

AS quick as a flash,Timmy collected his food and ran to the great hills .But Timmy was so poor . Suddenly , Timmy heard a nose that he had never hard before.Timmy was terifind  “EEEEEEEK”Shouted Timmy…….

So,Timmy thought about beining brave.A few minits  later Timmy decied  to flow it , Timmy got closer and closer the nose got  louder and louder.It was a……..Ghost.The ghost  whispered “Come”.

A few seconds later , Timmy thought to him self .The ghost looked  kind .She was see through ,so he did.

Along time had past ,the ghost had lead Timmy to a castle .Timmy was about to say thank you but the ghost had gone !

Timmy met a girl called little red she wore a lot of red and a boy called Jack he wore a lot of green . But no one saw the evil step mum or the cold hearted prince again.