Monday 26th

One bright summers day, me and my friend Nadia were planning to buy a white polar bear, as white as the snow from the snowy mountains.

Tuesday 27th

We finally brought it from the corner shop. It looked like the polar bear was flying high in the sky! It was very expensive. My shoes clicked against the marble white floor as I walked towards the polar bear. It was like a diamond shinning in the fait sky. After, I brought the polar bear into the ruby red walled room. Then he fell asleep on the gentle, soft and cuddly bed as soft as clouds.


The Grave Yard

As the church bell rang,I rode along the narrow ,bumpy path.I stopped at the grave yard as I visit my Nans grave every week.The leaves crunched beneath my feet as opened the gate and shut it behind me.The graves were dull, old and dusty as if they had been there for 1000 years.The birds sang a song as sweet as a teddy bear. Just then I saw a bird dripping with ruby, red  blood, dead on the floor.The birds flew away from it. I turned my back for a split second. Then I heard footsteps coming as the door opened…

Ranji’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Today was the worst day of my life and also the best day of my life. It was my first day at my new school. When I got to my new school it was really busy! I was alone, worried and my heart was beating like a drum. I was so alone.

Thankfully, two people called Vikram and Sunita strolled up to me. Everything was going great! Till all of a sudden, Johnny came….

Just then, he walked up to me! He had a giant gang with him! I was scared to death I did not know what to do! Until I had a idea….

All of a sudden, I had a deep breath and said ”Vijay Sharma is my uncle”! Everyone turned around looked at me and said”Really”! As soon as I said that everyone started saying”Do you want to sit with me do you want to sit with me”. Will they ever find out the truth?


100 Word Challenge

It was a dark and stormy night, and I was walking through the woods. All of a sudden, I walked into a tree and on that tree there was writing it looked upside down. The writing said LEAVE THIS FOREST OR BE DOOMED. I ran and ran and I could not stop. My heart was beating and my arms were hot. Just then, I fell over a log. On the log it said YOU WERE WARNED. So then from that day on I never ever set foot in a single forest. That night I said I am done in the woods. The woods is very scary.

Thankyou letter to Jack O`Connell

Dear Jack O`Connell

My name is Grace and I am from St Josephs Catholic Primary School Derby. I would like to say thankyou for coming into our scool to help us learn more about our topic lights,camra,action.

I enjoyed asking you questions because most of them helped us with our topic. I also enjoyed when I found out that you wore wigs to stop people noticing you. Finaly, I enjoyed some of the answers you gave us because most of them were really funny.

I also enjoyed taking a photo with you and when we took that photo we put it on our class blog.

Thankyou for coming into our school. Good look with your career.

Yours faithly,