100 word challenge

In the summer holidays I traveled to the Antartica I was so exited on the way we saw a black bear in the jungle and a flying blue bird they were adorable. By that time I arrived I was very hungry so I asked my mum if we could have something to eat but she said “No the food here is to expensive

Suddenly, we arrived the jet bumped as we landed.Then I heard a crunch from behind a block of ice, it was a polar bear. I was very scared because I didn`t like polar bears. This polar bear didn`t growl at me I patted it gently.





The Grave Yard

One boring but sunny day, I got my dented bicycle out for a ride round our village. I rode at moderate speed until I came to a  cold grave yard. It was full of over grown weeds and dead grass with fading concrete grave stones. Suddenly, an urge to pass through that rusted old gate surged through me.I passed through the broken, splintered gate. Biting my nails, I looked around. The looming grave stones looked like they were going to claps on me. Suddenly, I spotted  a a motionless pigeon. It was DEAD!!! In the corner of my eye, I noticed the gate, witch was opening simultaneously. To my horror, I heard ghostly foot steps. They were getting louder and LOUDER…..



My birthday laptop!

Today it`s my birthday, March the 4th 2013! I am writing on my brand new laptop from my mum for my birthday! I woke up very early, 5:58 and I am not tired at all! I`m also exited when my grandma comes in the morning every day and especially on my birthday and she gives me a lovely hug, and on my birthday she brings me a beautiful present ! My Auntie is also coming back from university on Friday the 8th of march I`m very exited about that as well! My present from my Auntie is already open, because we thought it would be easier to open it with my Auntie on the phone! I had a lovely pale and black bag, and some chocolate and sweets, and finally a green badge with a nine on it and also a bracelet!

My new fish!

I am going to get new fish for my birthday. I am really exited, I am going to get bright fish with loads of lovely patterns! It`s also my birthday on the 4th of march, I am going to be 9 years old yipe! For my birthday party I am going to rollo world and then back to my house for some cake and a birthday tea! I am inviting 9 people some are friends from school and friends from clubs, some are even cousins!

A letter to Dad

Dear Dad,

We really need you back, Me, Meera ,Mum, are hart broken, with out you!
You are the best Dad in the world , you really need to come back, Meera won`t get get better with out you

We need your help, the money is getting low, infact, weve had to move from our butiful flower covered cottage, because we have no money! Even in our small neighbourhood , every boddy was is asking about you!

Every thing does not feel right with out you! Mum can`t aford to do the washing , meera can`t aford to get medisan! It`s tereble Dad, it`s very hart braking too!

Do you feel hart brocken ? Do you want to live with out us? Well , I do hope you miss us too, like we miss you!

Every day , it`s like a lump of cole, so it`s ergent, we are so desberate to have you back xxx

slow writing!!!!

Slowly but silentley, I walked down the flowing but danegerous stream! The crackling twigs were snapping like a fox woundering round the woods! Was I going to survive in this tererfining place? I was scared out of my wits…Sudanly I saw a shadowy figer that was covered with a black cloke, I didn’t`t have time to see who it was! Finaly, I reached the end of the path, I was relieved!

By Eva and Lochlainn


On 6th December 2012, the Choir went to Westfield shopping centre in Derby to sing in a competition. The shopping centre was very busy with people preparing for Christmas. I found it very nerve-wracking! I enjoyed it very much. We sang Christmas carols and did a song with the tune to “twinkle-twinkle little star” with a Christmas theme with sign language. It went down well with the judges!!! Mrs Andrews asked us to smile and one of the judges commented that we should be known as the smiley school of the competition. That made me feel so relieved that we got good comments and I would like thank the choir teachers for teaching us the songs.

At the end of the performance we got some nice things to take away with us as well as a cold walk back to school. I hope that we get into the finals!!!!

Eva 🙂


Ice skating

On 1st December 2012, I went ice-skating with my two cousins Lewie and Finlay at the marketplace in Derby. First, when I got on the ice, I had to hold on, but when I got the hang of it, I managed to let go. I really enjoyed myself and so did my cousins. Lots of people were falling all over the place. I did not fall over at all. I was quite pleased with myself!

Finlay was a superstar! He ran around on the ice absolutely fearless. I think that he might be the next ice-hockey star. He probably won’t be on dancing on ice as he runs rather than moves doing gymnastics.

Lewie got the hang of skating too and also did not fall over. I was proud him because it was his first time outdoor skating.


Eva 🙂

100 word chalenge !

One day, I was walking to the shops,I was going to get a noes paper! It was called SUNDAY SUPPRISE! Finaly I reachhed the shops, there was no news papers any were,so I went back home before I reached the door I heard a noise , it sounded like people screaming ! As quick as lightning I ran into the door,My sister was lying on the floor before me,she was under a blanket she was shivering. On top of the blanket was a peace of paper, it looked upside down! The letter was from my mum it said look after your sister! Remember I love you …

Meeting Jack O`Connall!


On the 7th November 2012, Jack O`Connell came to our school!Jack O`Connell is a famous movie star.,He was in Waterloo Road, United and many more! We had to wait 40 minutes until he managed to reach the building, because there was a paperatsy chasing him round the street! Whilst we were waiting his bodyguard talked to us about Jack`s career! Finally Jack reached the building! When he came into the room,we screamed our heads off,we were so-so excited! When Jack was here we talked more about his career,and questions to help us with our topic,”lights camera action!” I can`t believe it but I managed to ask Jack two questions,and got to kneel next to him! I had a great day,I hope he comes to our school again!

Thank you for keeping all your time to read my blog entry!

Eva 🙂