100 Word Challange

One beautiful summer day,I went to the busy airport with seas of people.I stood in the queue for hours.When I got to the front of the queue.I was shocked to find that the prices were so high.It was sixty pounds for one person.The people behind me thought that it was very expensive, But I paid the price and got on the jumbo jet.It was when it we were flying that the captain came through and was surprised it was a black polar bear with a crazy hair style that was flying  the plane.I was interested in him. He scared me because he roared to a lot

The Grave Yard

Merrily, I cycled my way to the old, creaky grave yard to see my ancestors who died hundreds of years ago.The bell tower let out a deafening ring. I dropped my grey,shiny bike in shock. I saw some grave stones towering all over the grave yard. Suddenly, a shiver went down my spine and I suspected something was wrong. Then I saw a dead bird and I ran to hide in the church. I heard some birds fly away, then I got very scared because the gate opened by itself. I heard the creak of the gate and I heard foot steps. The foot steps got louder and louder.