100 word challenge

One sunny after noon in the summer holidays Kyle went to the shop to by some ice creams. But the ice creams were to expensive. When Kyle went out side he sore a polar bear walking across the road! Kyle was shocked at what he sore. The polar bear was eating a big tasty fish Kyle fought about building a boat to transport it to it’s home. After Kyle made it. It was black and red Kyle put the polar bear on the boat and travel to the Antarctic. After travelling, Kyle made it and left the polar bear and Kyle went home.

My favroite game

My favorite game is Minecraft because the first time I played it is the demo on my I pad but when my brother downloaded the full version of the game I kept on playing it :). The point of Minecraft is to build and to survive the longest on hardcore mode. The Minecraft monsters try and kill you at night and they will also spawn at night also they will die at day but not when it’s raining.