Time traveling!!!

On Friday 14th June 2013 to Saturday 15th June 2013 I watched a film called The Time Machine. It was about a man that invented a time machine but his friends didn’t like it ,he adventures the future but will he ever return home in time?

In his house he has a house maid and she cooks and she help to keep his house clean. He secretly builds his time machine in his secret lab and this helper lady isen’t allowed to go in his lab!!!

If I had a time machine I would stop and not go too far in the future because it might get a bit scary, I would not go in the past because everyone knows about the past. I would recommend the film because it was really exciting and it made me want to watch more and more of the film.

I know that time traveling is impossible because you could not go to the future or past but you could only stay in the present. I would build a time machine and explore different times and be a Galaxian hero!!!



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