When I went to India…

It was May 11th and it was the day to go to India. I was so exited and I didn’t go to sleep I was dreaming of me in India! My dad’s friend had arrived at home to drop us to the Heathrow Airport. When we got in the airport we had to go on 2 flights. After we had a flight journey we arrived in India. I was so exited to see my grandma and grandpa. I met my family and friends. They were so happy when they saw us.I stayed at my mum’s sister’s house and it was so fun. We went to parks in India. It was so fun and I enjoyed it. When we came back to England it was so sad for us and our family and friends in India. PLEASE COMMENT.


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  1. It sount like it was a long time to get there and it sount like you had a lot of fun!Do you know any of the Indian parks?You did good work on wrighting Rose you tried super hard!

  2. That must of been really fun and exiting.It must of been great to see your family.what was the weather like hot,cold?

    By Sophie

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