Camping in Matlock in the sun

On Saturday 25th of May I went with my family to a campsite called Middle hills farm and we camped in our new tent that we had never stepped in before, the new tent was massive!!! We stayed at the campsite for three days and we were very lucky because it was the first time we had gone camping with no rain.

On the campsite near the toilets there was a smelly farm with goats and pigs, there were new born pigs, a black and white one and a pink one. Now and again the farmer chucks in the farm a portion of wheat and the pigs jumped and scoffed down the wheat, the pigs and goats were disgusting.

My favourite thing in the campsite was the woodland play area because it had a massive field and lots of really fun wooden games and obstacles. I also liked the deep dark tunnel because it was scary and I loved to hide in there.

Campsite at Middle Hills Farm, Grangemill

5 thoughts on “Camping in Matlock in the sun

  1. I wish I could have went there. I would be scared in the dark tunnel. I think it would be cool to go there. Did you have a fun time there? I hope you had a good time there. I know if I went there I would of had a great time.

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