My Grandads Old Pennies

My grandad picked me up today.We talked about old coins because I showed him my old coins. My coins were a three pence or in the olden days you would call it a Thrutny bit, and a half penny or an aintny.When I got to his flat, he kindly went in the loft to get the coins.I opened the safe and got a coin out.It was a special edition Winston Churchill 1965 coin.The second coin was a Maria Theresa Thaler 1780 coin.It was the most famous silver coin in the world! The third coin was not a coin it was a note, a ten pound note from 1950’s and is equivalent to a 2440 one pennys from 1920’s.The fourth coin was an old fifty pence coin with a old plane on it.The fifth coin was a six pence from 1941 and was very shiny. The final coin was a coin from 1797 and said in memory of the good old days.

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