Choir is a place were Year 4’s, Year 3’s and Year 2’s sing in a group. The little people go to the front, medium people go to the middle and tall people go at the back. Basically, We do competitions and sing in events.

Next week, We are having a summer fair in school, as I said we do events in school but this is a fun ,happy fair where we had Bouncy castles, cakes, games and lots more fun thing.

But me and the Choir and some other boys are doing a special thing in the summer fair, so keep your eye out.

6 thoughts on “Choir

  1. A very informative blog post Enrique – well done. I’m looking forward to hearing the choir at the summer fair, but you have left me intrigued as to what the special thing is! Is it dancing like you did today? You could show the teachers some new moves!

  2. I am looking forward to qiur too. I like to listen to it. I like the dancing you did. It was amazing. I wish I knew how to dance like that. I am very flexible. I love doing back walk over and front flip. I love to walk on my hand. I am doing things that kids in level 5 would be doing in gymnastics and I haven’t had a day at gymnastics. I tuaght myself to do everything. I am learning to land flips on the ground.

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