The Grave Yard

As the sun covered the trees,I decided to ride my bike.On the way I saw a creaky gate leading to a graveyard. As I walked in the in the grave yard, the crows started yelling like dogs.I looked at the old dusty grave stones, wondering if any anseters were there.  I looked on the floor, there was a dead bird . Quickly I headed  to the church .As I heard a fluttering  sound, the gate open slowly heavy footsteps  came closer and closer and closer………..

4 thoughts on “The Grave Yard

  1. Hello Lauren and Michelle
    I like your grave yard story. I like the sentence starter that you put. I also like how you put the crows were yelling like dogs and as well as that I like how you put an ellipsis
    (. . .) at the end.

    Could you have put a comma in between slowly and heavy footsteps?

    Well Done


  2. That was amazing description. I like how you described the door.Did you feel scared or happy?Try to include emotions in your descriptive piece. Try not to repeat graveyard.

    Well done!

  3. Lauren that was scary. How long did it take to get to the grave yard? What kind of bird was dead on the ground? The most scaryest part was when you heard the gate open and the foot steps came near you.

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