The Grave Yard

As the church bell rang,I rode along the narrow ,bumpy path.I stopped at the grave yard as I visit my Nans grave every week.The leaves crunched beneath my feet as opened the gate and shut it behind me.The graves were dull, old and dusty as if they had been there for 1000 years.The birds sang a song as sweet as a teddy bear. Just then I saw a bird dripping with ruby, red  blood, dead on the floor.The birds flew away from it. I turned my back for a split second. Then I heard footsteps coming as the door opened…

2 thoughts on “The Grave Yard

  1. I loved the discription in this paraghraph because it made me tremble.
    I noticed tat you missed out a letter so you need to edit it.

  2. WOW!!!! Grace that was really scary to me. My favorite part was when you heard footsteps. How did you come up with an idea like this!

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