Going to Fradley Junction

To get some fresh air on Easter Monday, my Mum, my Dad, my brother and I went to Fradley Junction, near Alrewas. I bought my pink binoculars, my Dad’s old black camera, my silver scooter and a note pad and a pen.

First, we walked round the Fradley Reservoir.There are lots of platforms around the edge of the water to stand on to fish or use for pond dipping.The platforms are all numbered, my favourites are number 23 and number 19. On number 23 you can sit and dip through a hole in the middle and on number 19, you can sit down and there is lots of space if maybe you want to take a picnic. It was not the day for a picnic on Monday though, the wind was icy cold!

Almost opposite platform 23, there is a bird hide. A bird hide is a place where people can spot birds without them knowing people are watching.We saw a Great Crested Grebe, some Common Terns, Moorhens and Coots.

Next, we rode along the canal path on our scooters. My scooter is silver and pink with black handle bars. My brother’s is a Ben ten scooter. We watched the people driving the canal boats use the locks to adjust the water levels as the boats moved along the canal. It was fascinating!

I was amazed to learn that the canals in the United Kingdom were all man made!They were all dug out by groups of men called Navvyies.

We were cold and windswept when we got back to the car!



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