Going Shopping at Meadow Hall

On Friday I went to Meadow Hall with my Mum, my Nannie. The first thing we did was go to the M&S cafe. I had half a cheese scone and a drink of apple. My Mum and Nannie had a coffee and half a cheese scone with me.

The first shop we went in was M&S.We bought some packs of birthday cards, two packs of hot cross buns, two summer things for me for when we go on holiday to Spain. We also bought some chocolate for my older cousin, Johnathan, because he is coming over from America on Saturday so we can have an Easter party at my Auntie’s house!

The second shop we went in was Cath Kiston. We bought a toiletries bag, because I had a great parents evening, and a football rubber for my brother. I really liked a back-pack that I saw in there, but my Mum said that it was to much money, but it was only £25.00!

Next we had lunch in cafe Nova. I had and hot panini (A toasty) and chips with some apple and mango juice . For dessert, I had peach ice cream with strawberry sauce. Delicious!

After that, we went in Phase Eight. My Mum bought a navy striped tee shirt and some navy trousers. Soon, we went home to have chips.

Spray Flowers Foldaway Nylon Backpack The Cath Kiston Back- Pack.Footie Rubber The Cath Kiston Football rubber. Fish and Chips.

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