5 thoughts on “Bollywood Fun

  1. My Mum and me said that everyone was having fun,My Mum said there should be a class after school for adults and children,because my mum wants to have a go!

  2. Wow! What energy! It great to see all the children really going for it. Some of the children are are really good with their movements. How long did they have to learn this dance piece? Looking at all the blogs, I think the schools have done a great job trying to give children as much experience as possible about India. Well done St Joseph School.

    What can I say about the teachers, they look magnificent and should be congratulated for being great role models for the children.

  3. Wow!! The videos look amazing! St Joseph’s year 3 and 4 were such good dancers, I’m really happy I got the opportunity to teach you guys. I enjoyed every minute!

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