On Wednesday, Mr Leake taught us Gymnastic we did a game called Tag it was very fun and I didn’t get tags at all. Then we did lots of exercise, We did a Figure four hand sting stretch and I couldn’t even reach my foot.

After that, We did partner balances and I did the partner balance with Callum. Then, We had some big tables to jump on and to travel though it. We had a balance beam which is a bench that is turned upside down and went you stand on it you wobble a bit and you have to balance on it.

And Mr Leake please see my post and comment.

3 thoughts on “P.E

  1. Well done Enrique, love hearing that you’re enjoying your PE lessons so think about how you can describe your development of sequences within your partner work.
    Keep up the hard work!

    Mr. Leake

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