Going to Paint-a-Pot

On Friday 22nd February I went to Paint a Pot, at Markeaton Park with my Mum and brother. We went because, before Christmas, my brother went to one of his friend’s parties at Paint a Pot but the kiln blew up and broke all of the pots! So we had vouchers to use. We met lots of my brothers friends and their Mums there.

I chose a star shaped pot that was already painted purple and glazed. I decorated it with shiny sequins, glittery stickers and beautiful gems. The star shape had three holes so that wire or ribbon can be threaded through to hang it up.

Afterward,we went over the road to Mcdonalds for a treat. I asked for a Happy meal with a strawberry milkshake. It was delicious! We played in the play area before we went home. It was a great afternoon!

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