Five go off in a caravan!!!

George, Anne, Dick, Julian and Timmy the dog are going on holiday in a caravan and are borrowing two caravans, a green one, and a red one and they borrowed two horses called Dobby and Trotter to pull the caravan.

George has to write to his parents every day and he is very busy .Timmy curls around George’s knees and plays with Trotter and Dobby.Julian, Anne and Dick swim in the lake and have fun but George still has time to have fun.

The trees are thick, strong and brown and the lake is bright blue from the amazing sun and the grass is as green as emeralds.The green caravan is as bright as the sun! The red caravan is as red as rubies.

They are going to the circus camp to see a boy called Nobby but they hope they will not bump into his uncle!!!


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