My favourite Car

My favourite car is the Bugatti Veyron.I like it ¬†because it has ten radiators,four superchargers and to add to that a huge W16 engine.All of that produces a massive amount of 1001 bhp!!! It has seven gears and you only get to seventh gear when you are going 215 mph.That means it’s top speed is a whoping 253 MPH!!! It is the fastest production car ever!!! Inside it is like being in a luxary hotel.On the side there is a keyhole where you can shut the spoiler so you can reach top speed.The indercater switchs are made of alaminuim and cost ¬£3,000 each.This car is altogether ¬£850,000.

This car is AMAZING!!!

2 thoughts on “My favourite Car

  1. I agree Kyle! Fantastic choice of car and excellent review! Hope your Mum & Dad win the lottery and buy you (and me come to think of it) one!!


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