As the day unfolded,I was on the big,bustling street of Mumbai.On my bicycle it was very bumpy.Out of the blue an angry elephant charged down the road people didn’t run away!I wondered what was happening,so I asked someone said you have to respect him because of Lord Ganesh the elephant.I didn’t listen to the advice and ran away,until the elephant stopped and started talking to me saying”may I pass I am the God of wisdom you’ll be suprised’He sid in a peaceful voice.Then he disapeared leaving his ghost behing him,and the ghost was sucked into my mouth.Amazingly I was up in the air…….

2 thoughts on “100WC

  1. Hello Trevor,
    Well done for entering this week’s 100WC. You have clearly worked hard this week and have included the prompt well. This is a very imaginative story and I wonder what will happen next…will you float forever? Your use of descriptive words is great and it is good to see you using some of then as sentence openers. Remember to take care when typing as there are a few little errors.
    Keep up the good work.

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