My mum the queen

Today was the worst day of my lintier life, because I was going to a new school in Mumbai.As me and my mum,walked down the street I smelt lots of fruit and sweets.Then I saw lots of rickshaws,tuck tucks and street sellers.Just then,I saw posters of the queen.As we reached the bright green gates my mum gave me a kiss and said good bye.Then,the school bell rang.I was scared and terrified.Just then,two kind looking people walked up behind me.

“Hello whats your name.”said a voice behind me.
I was to scared to answer.
“O-O-Olivia.”I stammered.

Then this big boy named Ranji. We was face to face.
“hello I am the bully and the king of the entire school. So Do not mess with me.”
I did not know what to say after.Then,an idea popped into my head,what if I told a lie. “The queen is my mum!”

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