Letter to dad

Dear Dad,

I am writing to tell you I miss you very much we all do,we are suffering with out you.Me,mum and Meirah are not living in the flat any more we are living in a dirty,damp,smelly old shack.I feel as lonely as a stray dog ,it is like the force between us is cracking every minute,would you like to see us suffer any longer?

Dad why did the money letters and phone calls all stop?We have survived of stale stew and rice,we are so poor,I am working and can not go to school any more!My boss Haru gives me a slap and a curse if I do any thing wrong .It is not like I earn much only a few pasie a week.

Dad where ever you are please call us,or even come back we have been lost without you. Meirah is really ill a terrible thing happened to her,she cant walk properly ! Dad would you not like to see me and Meirah grow up?we love you!

Lots of love Anand xxx

2 thoughts on “Letter to dad

  1. I agree all of these are very good but there is something about yours Shardaina were you put would you like to suffer any longer.

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