Meeting Jack O`Connall!

On the 7th November 2012, Jack O`Connell came to our school!Jack O`Connell is a famous movie star.,He was in Waterloo Road, United and many more! We had to wait 40 minutes until he managed to reach the building, because there was a paperatsy chasing him round the street! Whilst we were waiting his bodyguard talked to us about Jack`s career! Finally Jack reached the building! When he came into the room,we screamed our heads off,we were so-so excited! When Jack was here we talked more about his career,and questions to help us with our topic,”lights camera action!” I can`t believe it but I managed to ask Jack two questions,and got to kneel next to him! I had a great day,I hope he comes to our school again!

Thank you for keeping all your time to read my blog entry!

Eva 🙂



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