A Book Review on The Queens Nose By Dick King-Smith

The Queens Nose is about girl called Hermony.Her uncal Ginger has came to stay for a few days.when her uncal Ginger leafs he has left a puzzle for Hermory to solve.But Hermory had found a magic fiffty pecne or is it not maic?

I like this book because when I read the blurb because the author Dick king smith used rhetorical questions and it made want to read more and more and more.At some I tryed to solve some pobblems but could not solve them they were to hard to solve for me.

I recommend this book for eight nine and ten year olds how like animals because Hermorny love animals and in this book Hermornys mum and dad do not like animals but then Hermorny gets a gift can you gess what it is?

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