Samuel’s Birthday Party

On Wednesday 24th October me,Samuel and Kyle had a party to celebrate Samuel’s birthday.

First,we had school and we got sweets from Michelle because it was her birthday.At the end of the day we got changed in the infant hall.

Secondly’we went to castle nursery to pick up Louie Samuel’s little brother who is four years old.It was a long journey but we finally got there.

Thirdly,we got into Westfield to get to pick a toy from pound world.I got whoopie goo and Kyle did.Samuel got toy soldiers.

After that’we all went to Pizza Express we met Samuel’s dad there.We had loads of pizza.

Lastly,we went to the cinema and we watched Madagascar 3 it was so cool.

In the end we walked to Samuel’s house to cut the cake.Then we went home.

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