Meeting Jack’o connel

On the 7th November 2012 we all met a famous person called Jack O’Connel. He visited our school and ours was the first primary school he had been to. Jack took a while because people were taking photos of him on his way to see us. The year 3/4’s, 3’s and the year 4’s that is our class. Each of us did 5 questions for him and we all got into one class room that is our’s too. His body guared came in to talk to us to let us know that Jack was on his way in and he would be in the building soon.

All the lower juniors were screaming and shouting. You could bearly hear your self over the noise. When he finally arrived, he told us about his films and TV shows he has been in like Private peaceful and The Bill. It was intresting listening to him.

When he was going he gave us a signed photo of him. It was brillient. It was great fun.


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