Zack the footballer

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Zack. He dreamed of being a professional footballer. He lived in a stone house in the forest.

Zack loved the England team and he a always had a England kit on him. His hair was like a    bear’s fuzzy,maroon,body.His Dad died and he was a brilliant footballer,Zack wanted to be like him.

One day, Zack was playing football outside  his house.He kicked the ball and It went far far away in the deep,dark forest.He decided to fetch it.

As quick as a flash,Zack decided to get his ball.Zack’s face turned so pale his face was like a ghost.He was in the deep,dark,scary wood.Zack nervously said

“wow” after that,Zack met an old lady he was surprised,he thought that magic didn’t ageist. Then the old lady said

“help me”

It was a bitter cold night, the witch dressed like an old lady but little did he know,that the old lady was a witch!

The witch cackled,”do you want to come to my house I’ll make your dream come true” Zack replied”okay”

Zack thanked the witch and followed her.Zack and the witch was finally there then they was bubbling sound…

Zack nervously said”err what’s that’s sound?”

the witch cackled,”I tricked you it was a spell ha ha ha!”t

he boy sreamed”AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Down in the windy,dark forest a wood cutter was cutting wood.He herd a  screaming sound then he scatter away.He forgot his sawed and he rembered

“oh my sawed what an idiot”

As the day unfolded, the wood cutter woke up and rusted into the forest.He finally reach his detestation. After that, the wood cutter kicked the door open and put his hand on his hips and said

“dont worry boy I’ll save you”the witch’s eye poped out After that,The witch nervourly said

“no you again”The witch and the wood cutter had met before.

The wood cutter got out his silver sawed and chopped  the witch head of.Then, Zack chuckled

“ha ha witch”

The wood cutter and Zack had a cup of tea and forgot about the ugly,dump witch and they lived happily ever after,the end.






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  1. Really enjoyed reading your story. You have obviously enjoyed working on traditional tales in class. Well done. (Mrs Kearney’s Mum)

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