The Three Homeless Kids.

Once upon a time,there lived a three children,two boys and one girl.The boys were called Toby and Frank.The girl was called Kate.Toby was eight  years old and Frank was six years old.Last but least Kate was the youngest,she was two years old.

Toby’s last name was Torrance.Toby Torrance had crimsion hair.He was as skinny as a skeleton.He had gloomy green eyes.Also Toby was as small as a dwarf.He had ripped clothes like a tiger has ripped.Well they all had ripped clothes.Toby had a big head and a small body.

At night they slept on the street but usual they sleep under the Pet Hut for some shelter.All of them were very upset and unhappy.

As the rain turned to sun,they all started to rush to the Pet Hut.They all wanted some food, because they hadn’t eaten for three days.The manger of the Pet Hut had heard the bell ring.It was so loud it could of made you go deaf. Suddenly,the manager poped out of the study room.The manager was wondering why he came to the Pet Hut.

The manager looked like a six ft man and he had a bold head.He had long sharp finger nails.He is also very strong.

The Pet Hut smelt like dogs with flees.It also had green,yellow and orange walls.”Please please can I have a job here please please please”.”Well lets see seems as you have not got any other job I seem it is alright if you work for me five times a week”.Replied the manager.”I will I will I promise”. “Thank you so much”!said Toby Torrance.Toby,Frank and Kate were very very happy. Toby went down on his knees and was praising for joy.So they walked out on to the street.

Shortly after,they saw a mysteries women who looked like a witch.She always comes once a month.She put a curse on them three.Frank,Toby and Kate were terfideyd,worried and scared.The witch was going a round cursing everyone for no reason at all.Toby went jogging up to the wicked witch.To say this”Hey what you doing that for miss”. Whispered Toby Torrance The evil looking witch didn’t riplie.

She had blue eyes as faint as the sky.Also she had gray hair,finger nails as short as the tip of your pencil.She wore a yellow and black dress.She was holding a long broomstick.She was standing on a wobbley stone next to the barber shop and the lovely smell of the fish and chip shop.Then she walked off.

It was a dark cold winter night,and they were sleeping under the Pet Hut again.When the clock struck twelve they fount they woke up they were in a cosy,warm and snuggled bed.Kate started crying again.Toby said”where in the king and the queens palace”. Whispered Toby.Slowly he crept over to Kate.To stop here crying.

Then all of a sudden the king and the queen came upstairs to talk to the oldest boy.The queen slowly called to him.”Would you like to live with us”.Then Toby jumped up and shouted YES PLEASE.Your the best thank you so much.

So Toby Frank and Kate did have a happy ending.They all lived happily ever after.Well except the witch.Do you know what happens?Have a guess.She…….

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