The Geeky Boy

Once opon a time,there lived a grumpy,geeky and creepy 12 year old boy called John. His eyes were as blue as the ocean. There was one  thing he really did not like talking about,it was that he parents died when he was very small and he could not affored  to get a new house.  At least he had a brother Bob but Bob was as mean as a bull. The graveyard John and his brother Bob lived in was a pitch black,gloomy and bone chilling graveyard. The graveyard was as dark as a cave. They wished they lived in a house like everyone elts. He also wished that he had friends. Bob said”You better make a friend now”. “Why” replide John? “Do you want a friend” said Bob? yes replide John. “Then go” said Bob!

At that moment,Johnn saw something that was moving very quickly. He turned around and it  was a little boy. Jhon laughed and giggled but the little boy did not do anything. The boy ran away and wailed “I an not aloud to talk to strangers”. Jhon carried on walking through the deep dark graveyard. Finaly, Jhon found a 8 year old boy. Suddenly, tears started running down his face. Just then, he ran of. Jhon said “he is 8 not 2”. He also cries like a baby. Jhon carried on walking through the graveyard and there it was the most descusting, green and slimy thing you can ever emagin. Jhon screamed and screamed and he said to himself I am never walking alone in the graveyard ever again.

As quick as a flash, the slimy, horribel and descusting thing rushed by. Jhon turned around and it was only a descusting dripping pipe and the water was so old it was light green. All of a sudden, Jhon saw a girl who was as buetiful as the sun. The gorgeous girl wailed “follow me”. Jhon followed her because she was as buetiful as the sun set so he thought she was lovely  and kind. Jhon and his pride and joy rushed to the girls house. Jhon thought she was tender hearted but he had to think again about that. Suddenly, they both glanced upstairs. The girl and Jhon went into the girls bedroom. Jhon whispered “Your bedroom is as clean as my living room”. All of a sudden, desaster struck. The girl locked Jhon in her room. As pain stained his face, he thought whats going to happen to me?

As the birds flew above his head and sang a sweet song, Jhon made a trail of tears. As quick as lightning, Jhons horribel brother Bob broke the door while riding on a motor cycle. Jhon cried with happyness. Jhon and Bob broke out of the house and they were glad. So Jhon said to himself “I guess Bob is not that horribel and mean”.

Finaly after what seemed like forever, Bob picked up a knife and stabed the girl. As for that the girl was never to be heard from never to walk on a door way again. Jhon and Bob moved into the girls house. As for Jhon he got a new friend to be with. So getting a house and a new friend was just what he wanted.

By Grace

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