Super girl

Once upon a time, there lived a boy in a old,brown,cottage named Tom boy! He lived with his dad and a mean stepmother. Toms father was a wood cutter in the forest that chops down the trees. This is how they got money. However, the evil stepmother put her feet up and ruled them! She was a bit like the owner of the house!

One sunny morning, Toms mean stepmother raised her voice and called out Tom. He shivered in front of her and she calmed down!” Tom would you do me a favour!” asked stepmother. “Yes I would!” replied Tom “would you go  and collect needle and thred!” pleasing stepmother .”Okay then!” mumbled Tom. Tom set of to his journey into the forest… As the sun shone, He began to skip merrily on his way to get needle and thred! After a while, Tom meet a girl  and  she was  kind hearted and loving. She told him “This is a dangerous place!” told the girl. “Oh is it.” replied Tom. Tom and the little girl went  off darker and deeper into the woods. “Whats your name!” asked Tom “err err super girl.” “Oh.” “shall I change your name.” asked Tom “okay then go on.” replied  super girl . “Issebella thats  your name.”Tom said.

without warning, he flashed and appeared in front of a wickced witch! She was stirring some porige in a pot and Tom was licking his lips. The witch said some questions like where are you from? She was wearing a cloak and a pointy hat . She started to get more angry and he began to get shocked. The posion tipped out  of  the pot and they were fighting until the witch calmed down. She said Im going to fire you he he he. But he cried for help “help help.” cried Tom . Nobody came Tom felt a tingle of fear he felt tears of fuctraition ! Whats going to happen next…

In a flash, Issebellla appeared and said no your not .Tom began to laugh and then he stopped!Isebella  put some magic spell and  then the ugly witch became the maid of the castle . Tom was so pleased that he was  going to burst! “thankyou”. exclaimed tom. But with a woosh , issebella zoomed of without hearing a word of him.He wondered has this girl got magic powers!

Tom got back to his cottage and dad noticed that mean stepmother had done this trap so, mean stepmother got kicked out of the house and dad and tom and of course issebella . But he asked “how  is this tom “asked dad “err saver of the day” axclaimed tom Then they all lived happily after! the end!


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