Michelle and Her Family

Once upon a time,there live a girl called Michelle.She lived with her two brothers called Thomas and Jacob their mum and dad were called Rachel and Mick .They lived in a golden, yellow casle and their next door neigbour was a witch.

Michelle,was a kind helpfull young girl.She had short brown fluffy hair and she had eyes as blue as the sea.Michelle was full of goodness and kindness and she was a very tall and slim.

One,thing her and her family wanted was to kill the witch because she would always put spells on you . Every time you walked past her she would put a spell on you.

Early one frosty morning,Michelle and her family went for a walk in the deep dark pitch black frosty woods.The woods was always dark because the trees made like a roof.After a while,they meet a beatiful girl called Katie.

A bit further in the woods Katie and Michelle and their family’s met a horrible dangerous witch called Eve.

After a few minuets of silence,the witch spoke she said”Jacob and Thomas do you feel different.” They said “YES.” All of a sudden,Thomas and Jacob turned into big,scary fighting,brown dogs.Rachel,Mick,Michelle and Katie screamed like lions.All of a sudden the witch had flew away.

Biting their nails ,Rachel Mick,Michelle and Katie search for the witch.They search behind trees and up trees but they could’nt find the witch.

As the birds sang a sweet song,the witch came back.”Hello.”said the witch.All of a sudden,Mick,Rachel,Michelle and Katie grabbed anything they could to kill the witch so they could kill the witch.

As quick as a flash,they started hitting the witch with everything they had.After about 15 minuets the witch melted to the ground like a candle.

As soon as,the witch died the spells came undone and Jacob’s and Thomas’s dreams came true to become a football star.

6 thoughts on “Michelle and Her Family

  1. You have used some super expressions e.g. biting their nails, quick as a flash. You have worked hard in class and your writing shows how much you have enjoyed it. Well done. (Mrs Kearney’s Mum)

  2. There is some brilliant description here Katie, and I especially like how you are starting your sentences in so many different ways. I think you need to show my class how to do this!

    I wonder if you could have described the witch a little more? What could you have written?

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