Lorrens The Oger

Once upon a time, their was the uglest  oger called Lorrens.  Lorrens lived in a ramshackled cave. He had know company because every one thought he woud eat them

Lorrens had a square head his body was shaped like the a sun. His ears were like floats and he had abig wart on his cheek and his  legs were like trumpits.

One early morning lorens desied to go on a journey.Lourres strolled in to the deep dark woods as the branches hit his head he felt abandend.Lorrens spoted a pond their was a fish he ask

“can I be your pet” oger asked


so the fish jumpt up and slapt him with his wet fin.Lorrens walked deeper in to the woods untill he felt a some think on his toe like a needle he looked down and a hamster was nibbling on his toe!

“Im sorry I thought it was cheese can I be your freind”


The hamster wouldnt get of his foot so he flinged him in to the wood.

The oger sat on a log  it was hoples. He really wanted a pet but not one that bites his toe  or slaps him with fins. Suddenlyy Lorrens saw to chariot he realised that it was the fish and hamster. They belowed

“come here you”

Lorrens ran away like a cheeter. A dog with grey fur said

“come with me”

The dog clawd a tree so hard that it fell on the hamster and the fish.

The dog stoped the oger said

“do you want to be my pet “


They lived happily ever after.

2 thoughts on “Lorrens The Oger

  1. I love the character of Lorrens Alex, he sounds like somebody I wouldn’t like to meet! Well done on using such great vocabulary – I especially liked ‘abandoned’, ‘ramshackled’ and ‘strolled’.

    Where did the dog appear from?

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