Jeremy’s great adventures

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a castle and there ruled an evil king.

In the dungeon lived a bat,who used to be a boy but he got cursed by a witch and turned into a scary grey bat.He had friends that were cursed too like Vole the wolf  and Jack the bear. They did not like the castle one bit because in winter it got very cold. Jeremy’s destiny was to find a fairy who would make him into a boy again.

As the years passed Jeremy got fed up of being trapped in the cold, rotten dungeon. Digging quickly, Jeremy set about making a hole so that he could escape.

Early the next morning,Jeremy,Vole and Jack struggled through the secret exit.They were on another jorney to find a fairy that would brake the curse forever.

So on they went through the deep,gloomy,dirty wood.They had to be careful of the witches,the sceletons  and zombies.Suddenly a bull started to charge at them and they ran for their lives.After that,the bull crashed into a tree and that  made him angrer .They ran and ran until they met a wood cutter on a horse and the wood cutter threw his axe at the bull and the bull stopped at a halt and died!!!Just then,Jeremy found a  hole there was a terrifing noise down the hole.What does the noise come from?!!!

Just then,a wave of rats came scurring out of the hole,”aaaaahhhhhhhh”screamed Jack.The noise was getting louder and louder and soon it was defening.

Shortly after,the noise stopped and Jeremy,Vole and Jack went in the deep dark terrifing hole.They could not see anything.

After what seemed like forever,they saw torches and a rusty gate.Next to the gate was some paint and a bottle of oil.So Jeremy,Vole and Jack painted the gate with the paint and put oil on the gate too. soon they had done it.But they could not get through the gate but only Jeremy  could fit through. So Jeremy went to find the key.Jeremy set of.

Suddenly soldiers started to chase Jeremy.Jeremy scrambled back to the gate.A soldier found him.Jeremy beat him up and took his key and opened the gate for Vole and Jack.He found another key Jeremy kept the key just in case.They went and looked around it was like a under ground castle.

All of a sudden soldiers started to chase them.They saw another gate.They used the key that Jeremy had kept.Inside the room there was a box.With a spear off the wall they cracked the box open.Inside the box was some TMT and some dinamite.They ran out  of the hole and lit the TMT and the dinamite and chucked the them in the hole and it killed some of the soldiers died but the other soldiers got stuck in hole forever.

A fairy came out of the hole and turned them back into boys and they lived happily ever.After they went back to there castle  and told there perents the adventure they had had and the witch died of anger.

The End

7 thoughts on “Jeremy’s great adventures

    • I loved your story. It made me scared in places and it also made me laugh. Glad it all worked out well. Well done. (Mrs Kearney’s Mum)

  1. Samuel your story is very impressive,I would recommend this to my three year old sister because it’s got a very nice description of the castle.

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