Brave Film Review

This film is about a curly, red headed, free spirited princess, who needs to change her fate and her mum because she doesn’t want to get married.All she wants is her horse Anges and her bow she is a bit of a tom boy.

The sounds are fantastic when it’s happy  happy music comes on and when it’s scary scary music comes on.The pictures are superb because it’s nearly like real people form.Dont get me started about the drawings because I could talk about them for ages.

My opinion is the film is brilliant because usually a fairy tale like that wouldn’t entertain boys but  it did.It was boys style like fighting and when everything goes silent and you don’t know  what is coming.

I recommend it shouldn’t be for children under 8 because it’s scary in some parts and nudity.The part when the three bears come it’s quit rude. I recommend it five stars.

6 thoughts on “Brave Film Review

  1. Well done Leon you worked really hard on this. I like the way you have described the story without giving too much away.

    – I would love to know what you really liked about the animation pictures.

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