Despicable me 2

On Saturday I went to see Despicable me 2 it was a great film with the exciting little minions. In number 2 he faces a new villan El Macho thats turns the minions evil and purple it’s a brilliant film I would give it 10 out of 10. I love the minions because they all do secret and silly missons and one of them pretend to be Mrs Doubtfire.








100 wc

One summer day I was in Australia outside my expensive house. suddenly a flying,polar bear turned up. Strange don’t you think? So I let it in my expensive house then I put on jet black cloths! Then the polar bear started talking! It was weird. then I went into my expensive house. The polar bear looked angry. I ran outside my expensive give it chance to calm down Then the sky began to turn omnius. Then I went in to fight him but polar bears are rare kind of bears I was scared of it it was an awesome scary bear It was horrible.

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100 Word Challange

One beautiful summer day,I went to the busy airport with seas of people.I stood in the queue for hours.When I got to the front of the queue.I was shocked to find that the prices were so high.It was sixty pounds for one person.The people behind me thought that it was very expensive, But I paid the price and got on the jumbo jet.It was when it we were flying that the captain came through and was surprised it was a black polar bear with a crazy hair style that was flying  the plane.I was interested in him. He scared me because he roared to a lot

100 word challenge

One summer day  I was on mini red plain flying to the Antartic.It was really expensive I nearly spent all my money on it thats how expensive it was.When I arried I saw a lot of pengwins they were all sorts of colors:black,orange and white.Later in the day I learnt that they were empire pengwins.The pengwins were sliping and sliding all over the place.When it was 7:00 we had dinner we had a bbq.It was delicious.At midnight I filmed the sun because in Antaticer it stays light all day long.Before I left I saw two polor bears!

100 word challenge

One summer day, I was flying to Antarctica and I caught the privet jet and I managed to be there on time. Suddenly I landed on, an expensive building it was on the snowy ground beneath me.As landed with excitement, I felt so dreary and exhausted I could fall. Lucky I didn’t, so that was good.

On the next day,I was walking in my heavy boots and the snow so deep.Soon it was snowing like cats and dogs out there, so I quickly grabbed my soft, woolly coat.I saw big black penguins in the water.I also saw polar bears . I  was so fun,but I was leaving now.


100 word challange

It was a blazing hot summer afternoon and me,my mum and dad skipped to the park.At that moment a huge plane was flying above my head, it created a rainbow in the sky.I was boiling, I was sweating so much I looked like a human water fountain!When we plodded home, I spotted a tiny,cute Chihuahua it barked at me fiercely,I had always wanted a chihuahua but mum said they were too expensive! When we got home, through our door was a black donation pack for polar bears,I always Sign them. Polar bears are so cute, sweet, and fluffy, my room is full of their posters.

100 word challenge

In the summer holidays I traveled to the Antartica I was so exited on the way we saw a black bear in the jungle and a flying blue bird they were adorable. By that time I arrived I was very hungry so I asked my mum if we could have something to eat but she said “No the food here is to expensive

Suddenly, we arrived the jet bumped as we landed.Then I heard a crunch from behind a block of ice, it was a polar bear. I was very scared because I didn`t like polar bears. This polar bear didn`t growl at me I patted it gently.






One mysterious day,Alan saw a flying polar bear,fluttering in the mist of the cloudy fog.To see a polar bear in summer was very rare and Alan was astonished to see it.The fog separated and the sun came out.The sun blinded his eyes,so Alan dicided to buy some black sunglasses.The sunglasses were incredibly expensive;They cost 100 pounds!!!Alan thought to abandon the Dorothy Perkins glasses and  decided to buy some from the pound shop.By the time Alan had bought his glasses,the flying polar bear had vanishised within the mist.As sunset aproached,Alan made his way home.